Heart Disease

Do you know what the leading cause of death is for both men and women? Heart disease. The number one culprit for causing hearse disease? Smoking. Tobacco smoke has nearly 5,000 chemicals in it, many of which can damage your heart and blood vessels. In addition, nicotine narrows your blood vessels, increasing your heart rate... Read More

Choosing and using a walker

Choosing and learning to use a walker can be surprisingly difficult, but if you have trouble balancing or are at risk of falling, using a walker, even if only temporarily, can save you a lengthy, painful rehabilitation from a fall. Walkers, which can be purchased from a medical supply company, can come with four wheels,... Read More

Thinking about home care?

Thinking about home care? So often, we are faced with a medical condition in ourselves or a loved one that requires skilled care—like the care a nurse or doctor provides. For some of us, those conditions are chronic and we need that skilled care often, even around-the-clock. Home care is offering more and more kinds... Read More

Have chronic sleep problems checked out!

“It seems like the older I get the more lightly I sleep. “ “I never seem to sleep a night all the way through anymore!” Do you ever find yourself saying that, or notice your parents doing so? Most people would probably say, pshaw, it just seems like that. But actually science has shown that... Read More

Bell Avenue Nursing Center is Under New Ownership & Leadership

May 2016 – Oklahoma based long-term care company celebrates change and renovation Bell Avenue Nursing and Rehabilitation, located in Elk City, Oklahoma, recently changed ownership and became a Diakonos Group community. With over 350 years of combined clinical, managerial, financial and consulting experience, Diakonos Group, boasts an experienced, knowledgeable and highly capable health care management... Read More