Post-acute Care

Looking for short-term care? If you are recovering from orthopedic surgery, injury, illness, or living with a chronic disease like COPD or CHF and have had an exacerbation, our skilled nursing and rehabilitation team are focused on helping you recover and regain your independence. Our Rapid Recovery Suites offer a hospitality-based experience that is completely separated from our long-term care residents. This experience is complete with quaint, private rooms, spas, showers and chef-prepared meals. Hospital stays from surgery, illness or injury are getting shorter, so it’s more important than ever to find a setting that encourages complete recovery and gets you home, where you belong. Our Rapid Recovery Suites are sure to suit your rehabilitation needs and your recovery goals, no matter how large or small. Our compassionate and caring staff are always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with your rehabilitation goals as their focus.

If your doctor told you that you no longer need to be in the hospital, but you’re not quite ready to be on your own at home, Bell Avenue Nursing Center is the solution for you. We help folks get back to where they want to be – at home!

What Is Post-acute Care?

Post-acute care is a comprehensive treatment program designed to care for individuals with severe illness or injury immediately after they’ve been hospitalized. This care is intended for individuals who no longer need to stay in a hospital, but who are in need of medical treatment, attention, and rehabilitation.

At Bell Avenue, a team of medical professionals collaborates to meet each guest’s individual needs. Our post-acute care program is goal oriented and focused on helping guests recover and achieve independence as quickly as possible.

Meet Our Post-acute Care Team

At Bell Avenue, our guests are treated like family. With a staff of experienced nurses and medical professionals, we focus on providing individualized care to each of our guests. In addition to our in-house staff, we partner with local physicians and specialists to ensure you get the care you deserve. We love living and working in the Elk City community, and the opportunity to serve our neighbors and guests is what keeps us coming into work every day!