A close-up shot capturing the blue eyes of a senior man

Preserving Sight, Enhancing Lives: Save Your Vision Month

March is recognized as Save Your Vision Month, a period dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of eye health and preventing vision loss. At Bell Avenue Nursing Center, we understand the significance of maintaining a good vision for...

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Assorted fruits and vegetables like carrots, raspberries, walnuts, and spinach.

Empowering Elderly Nutrition: Spotlight on Nutrition Month

As we celebrate Nutrition Month, it's essential to shine a spotlight on the importance of empowering elderly nutrition, particularly in nursing homes like Bell Avenue Nursing Center. Good nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining the health and...

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Medical stethoscope with red paper heart on white surface

Seniors and Hearts: Prioritizing Cardiovascular Health this February

As we age, our hearts become more vulnerable to various health conditions. It is essential for seniors to prioritize their cardiovascular health. At Bell Avenue Nursing Center, we understand the importance of a healthy heart, and we want to share...

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A man gently supports an elderly woman by holding her hand, showcasing care and compassion.

Building a Supportive Community: How Social Interaction Impacts Nursing Home Residents

As we age, social interaction becomes increasingly important for our physical and mental health. This particularly applies to our seniors living in nursing homes, including Bell Avenue Nursing Center. Having a community that is supportive and...

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2024 with firecracker background

Open Doors, Open Hearts: Welcoming the World in 2024

At Bell Avenue Nursing Center, we are proud to provide exceptional care and support to our residents. As we look towards 2024, we are excited to continue our commitment to creating an open and welcoming environment for all. As a nursing home in Elk...

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hands holding a wrapped present

Gifts for Seniors: The Perfect Guide to Making Their Holiday Special

Christmas is around the corner, and there’s no better way to demonstrate your love than this. The holiday season can also be a period of loneliness for seniors living in nursing homes who cannot visit their families and friends outside the...

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