Preserving Sight, Enhancing Lives: Save Your Vision Month

A close-up shot capturing the blue eyes of a senior man

March is recognized as Save Your Vision Month, a period dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of eye health and preventing vision loss. At Bell Avenue Nursing Center, we understand the significance of maintaining a good vision for overall well-being. As a Nursing Home in Elk City, Oklahoma, we prioritize the visual health of our residents to enhance their quality of life.

Our eyes have a very important role in daily activities such as reading, socializing, and maintaining independence. By promoting regular eye exams and educating our residents about the importance of eye care, we prevent vision problems and ensure they can see the world clearly. At Bell Avenue Nursing Center, we are committed to providing safe and supportive surroundings where residents can receive the necessary care and attention to preserve their sight and enhance their lives. Let’s come together this Save Your Vision Month to prioritize eye health and empower our residents to see the world with clarity and confidence.

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