Gifts for Seniors: The Perfect Guide to Making Their Holiday Special

hands holding a wrapped present

Christmas is around the corner, and there’s no better way to demonstrate your love than this. The holiday season can also be a period of loneliness for seniors living in nursing homes who cannot visit their families and friends outside the institution. Nevertheless, they can still be provided with an opportunity to celebrate this season uniquely—some holiday gift ideas for loved ones who reside at Bell Avenue Nursing Center.

You can make a lovely custom basket full of their favorite sweets and trinkets. It is a consideration that indicates that you care about and think about them. Some of the things that you may want to include are snacks, magazines, puzzle books, and tiny decorations for holidays to make their environment feel livelier.

Another idea would be to add some “Christmas magic” into their room by hanging holiday decor around it. Get them a small tree, a wreath, and put lights all around it. This would create a warm ambiance, which is important because it’s the holiday season.

Or create a playlist based on your loved one’s favorite Christmas tunes for them to enjoy. In addition, you may request the staff at Bell Avenue Nursing Center to play that music in the hallways so everyone can have fun.

Lastly, ensure you spend quality holiday time with your loved ones during the celebration. Feel free to enjoy the special holiday treats you brought, games, and some holiday films. Holidays should be spent with families and friends, making your loved ones feel more special.

These are just a few ways of making the Christmas period enjoyable for older individuals staying at Bell Avenue Nursing Center. We encourage you and your extended family to join us and your loved ones during this season of love & joy. It’s time we create a lasting memory for this year’s festivity.

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