Redefining Nursing Care: A Person-Centered Approach for the Future

Seniors smiling looking at a tablet

The issue of nursing homes and elder care as the population gets older in most families and healthcare professionals is an emerging concern. At Bell Avenue Nursing Center, our primary focus is on providing nursing care in a personalized manner.

We actively shy away from the hospital-like environments where seniors are only viewed as patients. Instead of that, we want to build a homely feeling which is warm and hospitable. We strive to create an environment of trust where our staff establish deep bonds with every resident, recognize their individual needs, and match their care to their peculiarities.

As a Nursing Home in Elk City, Oklahoma, we can enhance the quality of life and overall well-being of the individual, thus ensuring that they experience the best possible lifestyle. This approach contains not only medical but also social, emotional, and spiritual needs. From physical to music therapy, we provide varied activities and programs to involve our residents and keep them active.

The redefinition of nursing care in terms of personalization will enable the creation of a community in which seniors will enjoy their freedom and time as the greatest gift of their youth years.

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